Data Mining of Big Data to Find Hidden Treasures

My newest project is to organize a data mining effort to use artificial intelligence to discover patterns in big data. This will help us more effectively find good customers. Online gamblers that use real money and gamers that play frequently with virtual cons are the ones we want to identify and retain as consistent, regular players. We are constantly searching for ways to discover big data for online gambling operations like ETX CAPITAL where you can either trade for real money or create a Thinkorswim demoaccount. However, a better example is the drake casino bonus which we encourage you have a look at.

We collect data on our players in terms of how much they play, what bets they place, whether they play on a regular basis, and many other parameters. This data is combined with the demographic data that we can access through the Internet, such as the players’ public Facebook profiles.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) programs to comb through these massive amounts of data to uncover patterns that cannot easily be seen by humans. These patterns show trends about players that help us to target new ones and keep the existing ones engaged with our casino.

Part of my new job in this area is to constantly A/B test marketing strategies and offers that we make to players, in order to determine what performs the best. We can adjust things like the types of offers presented to new customers and the rewards given to existing ones to see what results in more profitable outcomes.

Many things we discover using these methods are counter-intuitive. For example, having a good income level is not a helpful factor when it comes to placing cash bets. In fact, higher bets on average are placed by customers with lower income levels. Even if they have less disposable income to play with, they are more inclined to bet higher amounts on average because they have more desire to win.

We are also able to carefully monitor the play of players that may be “problem gamblers,” which are those players with a gambling addiction. As part of good customer service, we offer support for those with gambling addictions and help them limit and control their play to avoid being seriously harmed. Data mining using AI programs helps us see these patterns before they become a serious problem for the person so that we can take a proactive stance to help them.

I am really enjoying this new effort, so follow along with this blog to see what we discover using AI and data mining of big data. If you have some spare time you can try to play some casino games. There are several online casinos where you can play online. Especially in Thailand playing casino games is very popular. In Thai they would say คลิ๊กที่นี่สำหรับข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับ which means “Click here for information about Happy Luke.” Which is one of the biggest online casinos in Thailand.

Attracting Virtual Players is a Huge Success

A fine-tuning, which emerged from the try it before you buy it concept, was my idea of how to monetize the web activities of those playing the “free” games with virtual money instead of real money. There was a substantial portion of these players who never converted from playing with virtual money to using real money. Instead, they were content to continue playing without putting any real money at risk.

With all online casino games, there is a possibility that a player will lose. Players not using real money could lose all their virtual coins and not be able to continue to play. This is why we introduced the idea of being able to buy virtual coins so that they would be able to continue to play.

When we introduced this concept we decided to be very generous with the first offers and let them buy many virtual coins for a single Euro. The offer was so attractive that it had an enormously positive response. Players using virtual coins became regular players who did not mind paying a few euros when they needed more virtual coins to play. We gave away the entry levels of the games and gave away the initial amounts of virtual coins for all to enjoy. After that, the steady players would pay a few euros per month. When this same amount of money was multiplied by the millions of new players we attracted, the result was an enormous positive cash flow for the casino operators. This windfall was more than enough money to pay for the development of new slot machine games and other games for the virtual players. This attracted more players and increased revenues.

This marketing strategy was so successful that it has now become the standard for almost all online casino operators, like and betway casino. They offer these games that use virtual money for those who do not want to risk real money and just have fun. They offer the same game for players who want to bet real money as well. From a computer programming point of view, it is all just math and keeping the correct totals of the game results. However, for both virtual and real money games, we have found excellent ways to make profits.

The Expansion of Creative Expression

Online poker has a standardized interface that does not change dramatically. There are small tweaks to be done here and there. There are slight enhancements that can be made to the game; however, the overall look and functions remain very similar. This is comforting to the players who are sometimes risking a fortune in the game. Because there was not very much programming work to do for upgrading the online poker games, I was also involved in creating promotions for the online poker tournaments. That is when my bosses discovered I had a flair for graphic design as well as for writing programming code.

Because of the artistic skills that I demonstrated, they gave me a chance to design online slot machine games. The first one I created, with the help of a small team, was called “Samba.” It was based on my remembrance of the times of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro when I was a little girl. Those were happy times when the entire city was delightful and colorful with music blasting away and celebrations everywhere.

My slot machine game was designed around all these Carnival elements. I invented a special screen that appeared after a big win, which showed beautiful women in lavish costumes dancing across the screen to the sound of samba music.

When we studied the player’s reactions to the design, we found that, on average, they would play longer just to be able to see the dancing women come onto the screen. One of the keys to profitable online casino operations is player engagement. Longer average playing times for customers means more profits for the online casino operators.

Many times, when I had a new slot machine game in development I would call my friends over to take a look at it. They gave me feedback about what they thought of the game. I noticed some interesting comments were made by those who did not feel comfortable gambling with real money, especially when new to online casino play.

Based on this, I proposed to my bosses that we have a free entry-level set of games. These games used virtual coins that had no real monetary value; however, in all other aspects, they were the same as playing games for real money. This was a terrific marketing concept because once a new player became comfortable playing with virtual money, a large portion of them would covert their account to play with real money at risk. We called this the “try it before you buy it” campaign.

Falling in Love with Online Gaming and Casinos

The Internet exploded onto the scene starting around 1995. Within three years, it was a major global phenomenon. Holland was behind the United States in some of the Internet developments; however, it was further advanced than many parts of the world in the areas of online pornography and online gaming because of its liberal laws that freely allowed such activities.

In Thailand you also have a lot of online casinos which compete with the best in the business for new players. There are many different ones you can play at but the main ones are Lucky Niki and Happy Luke. Learn more about the Happy Luke casino on who has written a very in-depth review about Happy Luke.

As I grew up, so did the Internet. Because of my childhood of being around prostitution in Rio, I had little interest in pornography. However, online gaming and online casinos became a fascination for me. I loved playing online poker and soon found a way to make money at it. My winnings from online poker helped me pay my own way through university studies in computer programming. I got my advanced degrees and played online poker in my time off.

I loved online poker at websites like the superlenny online casino because I was too shy to play poker in physical casinos. While playing online I could calculate the odds. I won many games based on my intuitive skills about reading the other players combined with a bit of good luck. I started studying programming for online casino websites as a university research project.

I soon discovered ways to “hack” the online casino systems because of all the vulnerabilities in the software coding used for these websites. There were plenty of exploits available that could attack vulnerabilities in the programming code. I realized that millions of euros could be lost by online casinos if they did not take care of their security problems.

Rather that misuse what I discovered for hacking these systems, I informed the online casino operators of the problems that I found in the code. I was hired immediately by one of the largest Dutch online casino portals called Nederlandse Gokkasten which write reviews like this mr green review. I was hired to work for them as a security specialist and as a web developer and we are now even discussing to do some work for some of the best NL online casinos.

This was my dream job because not only did I get to do what I loved doing; the pay was really great. I got to schedule my own work hours, which usually meant that I would work myself to exhaustion when I was concentrating on solving a big problem, and then I would take a week off. I liked to go to southern Europe to spend some time along the coast of the Mediterranean, where it was warmer.

I’ve also helped my sister build up one of the biggest online casino portals in the UK, which provides online casino reviews, slot machine reviews and the latest casino news in the UK. You can take a look at my sisters website here where you can also leer om online fruitautomaten te spelen among other casino games.

The Language of Mathematics

When I arrived in Amsterdam everything was so different. It was the first time in my life that I experienced rain that was really cold. We had rain in Brazil but it was always tropical rain that was warm. In Amsterdam, I had to wear a thick winter coat that made me feel like a pimento stuffed inside an olive.

When I went to school, the first thing I had to do was learn the language. Nobody I met could speak a word of Portuguese. In Holland, they speak Dutch and English; however, At first, I was limited to pointing at things and making hand gestures to try to be understood. When the teachers spoke in class, it sounded like they were simply making the noises of “blah, blah, blah,” which were incomprehensible to me.

When it was time for math studies, the teacher would put a problem on the board. I saw the other students raise their hands to get a chance to walk to the board to solve the problem. This was easy for me to do. My teacher was amazed that I could solve all the math problems so quickly without any instruction. Mathematics was a language that I understood.

Even though I could not read any of the words in the math book that explained how to find a solution, I knew how to solve the math problems by simply looking at the numbers and formulas. I started going through my math book. I discovered questions at the end of each chapter.

I began filling out pages and pages in my notebook with the answers. I finished the entire book within my first week. I took my notebook with the answers and showed them to the teacher. She checked them and discovered I was 100% correct in all my answers. She gave me a copy of the next year’s mathematics book, which I also finished very quickly.

By the age of 11, I could speak and read both Dutch and English. I excelled in mathematics and was working on problems and equations that were years ahead of my level in school. We had a computer lab at school. That was where I discovered computer programming, which later led me to fall in love with web development.

The Humble Beginnings of an Orphaned Brazilian Girl

My name is Pamela Floripa; however, my friends at work call me “Puma” because I have a tendency to move quietly and suddenly sneak up on you with a surprise when you least expect it.

I was born in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A favela may sound like a pretty word in Portuguese for those who do not speak the language; however, it means a “slum” in English. My mother told me when I was very young that my “no good” father disappeared right after I was born.

My mother was a drug addict. She worked as a prostitute to support her habit. Our home was a filthy hut made out of discarded materials collected from the nearby trash dump. The stench of the dump permeated everything where I lived. My only escape was when I was able to go to school.

I was lucky because a kindly priest gave me the money I needed to buy a school uniform; otherwise, I would not have been able to attend the school. At school, I was fascinated with numbers and mathematics. I liked the way that things fit together, were orderly, and that a solution could be determined for math problems that gave a satisfactory result. I think I liked mathematics because it was the opposite of my life. In math, everything was in its proper place. In my real life, everything was chaotic, disorganized, and nothing seem to make any sense.

One day, I came home from school to find my mother had overdosed on drugs. She was lying dead on the floor of our hut with a needle sticking out of her arm. I do not tell my story to gain sympathy or pity for my condition because frankly speaking, this was a very common occurrence where I lived. I would have likely become a prostitute also, except I was only 7 years old and knew nothing about sex. Instead, I asked the priest to help me. He agreed. What happened next was a miracle.

After a short time, I was adopted by a couple from the Netherlands. I did not know even where the Netherlands was, except I thought to myself if it is some other “lands” than the ugly favela, it is probably a better place.

The couple came to visit with me and the priest helped with the adoption papers, Soon, I was off to live in Amsterdam with my newly adopted parents. I was a bit frightened but more excited than scared about the adventure.