Attracting Virtual Players is a Huge Success

A fine-tuning, which emerged from the try it before you buy it concept, was my idea of how to monetize the web activities of those playing the “free” games with virtual money instead of real money. There was a substantial portion of these players who never converted from playing with virtual money to using real money. Instead, they were content to continue playing without putting any real money at risk.

With all online casino games, there is a possibility that a player will lose. Players not using real money could lose all their virtual coins and not be able to continue to play. This is why we introduced the idea of being able to buy virtual coins so that they would be able to continue to play.

When we introduced this concept we decided to be very generous with the first offers and let them buy many virtual coins for a single Euro. The offer was so attractive that it had an enormously positive response. Players using virtual coins became regular players who did not mind paying a few euros when they needed more virtual coins to play. We gave away the entry levels of the games and gave away the initial amounts of virtual coins for all to enjoy. After that, the steady players would pay a few euros per month. When this same amount of money was multiplied by the millions of new players we attracted, the result was an enormous positive cash flow for the casino operators. This windfall was more than enough money to pay for the development of new slot machine games and other games for the virtual players. This attracted more players and increased revenues.

This marketing strategy was so successful that it has now become the standard for almost all online casino operators, like and betway casino. They offer these games that use virtual money for those who do not want to risk real money and just have fun. They offer the same game for players who want to bet real money as well. From a computer programming point of view, it is all just math and keeping the correct totals of the game results. However, for both virtual and real money games, we have found excellent ways to make profits.

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