Data Mining of Big Data to Find Hidden Treasures

My newest project is to organize a data mining effort to use artificial intelligence to discover patterns in big data. This will help us more effectively find good customers. Online gamblers that use real money and gamers that play frequently with virtual cons are the ones we want to identify and retain as consistent, regular players. We are constantly searching for ways to discover big data for online gambling operations like ETX CAPITAL where you can either trade for real money or create a Thinkorswim demoaccount. However, a better example is the drake casino bonus which we encourage you have a look at.

We collect data on our players in terms of how much they play, what bets they place, whether they play on a regular basis, and many other parameters. This data is combined with the demographic data that we can access through the Internet, such as the players’ public Facebook profiles.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) programs to comb through these massive amounts of data to uncover patterns that cannot easily be seen by humans. These patterns show trends about players that help us to target new ones and keep the existing ones engaged with our casino.

Part of my new job in this area is to constantly A/B test marketing strategies and offers that we make to players, in order to determine what performs the best. We can adjust things like the types of offers presented to new customers and the rewards given to existing ones to see what results in more profitable outcomes.

Many things we discover using these methods are counter-intuitive. For example, having a good income level is not a helpful factor when it comes to placing cash bets. In fact, higher bets on average are placed by customers with lower income levels. Even if they have less disposable income to play with, they are more inclined to bet higher amounts on average because they have more desire to win.

We are also able to carefully monitor the play of players that may be “problem gamblers,” which are those players with a gambling addiction. As part of good customer service, we offer support for those with gambling addictions and help them limit and control their play to avoid being seriously harmed. Data mining using AI programs helps us see these patterns before they become a serious problem for the person so that we can take a proactive stance to help them.

I am really enjoying this new effort, so follow along with this blog to see what we discover using AI and data mining of big data. If you have some spare time you can try to play some casino games. There are several online casinos where you can play online. Especially in Thailand playing casino games is very popular. In Thai they would say คลิ๊กที่นี่สำหรับข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับ which means “Click here for information about Happy Luke.” Which is one of the biggest online casinos in Thailand.

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